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The Scientific Evaluation Branch within the Australian Government Department of Health is recruiting a Director for its Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section. The Branch sits within the Medicines Regulation Division and is responsible for approving applications to market biologicals (human cells and tissue products) and generic medicines in Australia and also provides scientific advice to support the decisions made elsewhere within the Division, including evaluating the pharmaceutical chemistry aspects of therapeutic products. The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section is responsible for the evaluation of chemistry, manufacturing, quality control and bioavailability data submitted by pharmaceutical companies in support of applications for the registration of new medicines and variations to existing medicines. The section is also responsible for the approval of generic medicines.

We are looking for an experienced leader and manager to take charge of up to 30 staff during a period of change and steer them towards success. Strong candidates will be able to develop a vision for the future that is attuned to changing organisational dynamics, empower and develop others, foster productive partnerships and create consensus to deliver day to day work and longer term reforms. Familiarity with regulatory, risk, information and decision sciences may be an advantage.

Candidates are encouraged to consider the vacancy notice:

Applications close 30 March 2018
Questions about the process should be directed to the contact officer.
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Rochelle Christian

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