Workshop on how to further develop Risk Analysis and SRA

On June 29-30 of this year, a group of SRA members met at the Crystal Mountain resort in Michigan for a workshop aimed at discussing a number of issues for the future development of risk analysis and Society for Risk Analysis (SRA). It was an event full of enthusiasm, and rich in ideas and plans on how to advance SRA and the related science and profession. In more specific terms, the aim of the workshop was to stimulate the rise of future strong leaders in risk analysis and SRA by discussing how to build excellence in professional settings as well as for personal development.

Summary of the" Black Swans" workshop in Stavanger, Norway - 20 February 2014

20 February this year a workshop on black swan risk was held at University of Stavanger Norway.  The concept of black swan has gained a lot of attention recently and is a hot topic in many forums that discuss safety and risk. Also in the scientific community it has been focused in the aftermath of Nassib Taleb’s best-selling book The Black Swan (2007).  The workshop addressed a number of issues linked to the challenge of conceptualising black swan type of risk, and how to confront it (assess and manage it).   Some of the issues addressed were: