Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis Specialty Group

The risk field needs concepts, principles, theories and methods that give some sort of unity to the field and provide guidance on how to think when assessing, managing and communicating risk. To this end, we need further developments of such concepts, principles, theories and methods, scrutiny/clarification of existing ones, and reflections and discussions.  This entails a broad set of initiatives and measures. The Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis Specialty Group (FRASG) represents an arena for generating them. It provides a scientific and technical forum for dialogue on all these issues and will promote initiatives reaching the diverse communities of risk analysts and researchers. It will guide the organization of workshops, conferences, and committees to study and reflect on key issues. A special responsibility is fostering the involvement of talented young researchers.



Seth D. Guikema

Roger Flage
Vice Chair and Web Administrator

Terje Aven
Past Chair




Recent News

Fundamental Principles of Risk Analysis

The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Specialty Group on foundational issues in risk analysis has established a group of risk analysis experts with the mandate to develop a list of key principles that expresses high quality and trustworthy risk analysis. A discussion note can be found here.

Short video introduction of Core Subjects of Risk Analysis

A short video introduction of the Core Subjects of Risk Analysis document, as seen through the eyes of Professor Terje Aven, can be seen here.

Revised Core Subjects of Risk Analysis

The SRA document of core subjects of risk analysis published on the FRASG website earlier this year has now been revised based on comments received.

Summary of the Specialty Group (SG) meeting on Foundational issues in Risk analysis (FRASG) held at the SRA annual meeting in San Diego 12 December 2016

It was also this year a great annual meeting with many interesting talks, symposia and roundtables.

Summary: Workshop on the field and science of risk analysis, Ann Arbor, USA, May 5-6 2016

On May 5-6 a workshop on risk analysis and science was organised in Ann Arbor, USA. The idea of the workshop was to stimulate discussions and future activities related to the topic.