Applied Risk Management Specialty Group activities at SRA 2017

Roundtable: Developing Guidelines for Each Domain of Risk Management Practice. Tuesday 3:30. Moderator: John Lathrop

Roundtable: Do EPA’s Risk Practices Follow its Amended TSCA Pledges? Wednesday 1:30. Moderator: Steve Gibb

Symposium: Cultural Property Risk Analysis. Monday 10:30. Chair: Rob Waller

Session 1: Disruptive Technologies, AI, Mutagenesis and Cyber. Monday 1:30. Chair: Dan Hudson

Session 6: Managing Four Completely Different Risks: Mutagenic Impurities, Civil Aviation, Radon, and Water Supply. Monday 3:30. Chair: Steve Ackerlund

Session 2: Risk Culture, Risk Values, and Compliance. Tuesday 10:30. Chair: Patricia Larkin

Session 3: Integrated Risk Management, Systemic and Cascading Risks. Tuesday 1:30. Chair: Myriam Merad

Session 4: Monitoring, Statistical Methods, Metrics, and Communication. Wednesday 8:30. Chair: Willy Roed

Session 5: Four Completely Different Ways to Manage Natural Hazard Risks. Wednesday 10:30. Chair: Cameron MacKenzie