Rae Zimmerman will be hosting a webinar on June 23, 2017 at 2pm ET.

She will give a presentation titled “Risk Frameworks for the Simultaneous Intersection of Infrastructure Interdependencies, Infrastructure Usage and Extreme Events.” The link to register is here and the presentation will be available to SRA members after the talk.

Abstract: Society has become increasingly dependent upon infrastructure services that are becoming more concentrated, interdependent, and consequently more vulnerable to disruptions. At the same time, risks to society from extreme events affecting these basic services are increasing. The risk lens is provided as a useful way to simultaneously capture and evaluate interactions among the three dimensions of: (1) infrastructure locations and configurations that pose vulnerabilities, (2) societal use of infrastructure services in light of alternative settlement patterns, and (3) the nature of extreme events.

Although the characteristics of these three dimensions when taken separately are becoming well-known, their juxtaposition – the nexus – is leading to new abrupt transitions that are not well understood. The interconnectivities among these three dimensions are presented in terms of new risk paradigms needed to understand these risks and develop risk reduction solutions that focus on the combinations rather than on each dimension individually. Leading risk scholars have made inroads in this area and new directions for interdisciplinary thinking are suggested, which are fruitful areas for risk analysis.