SRA-China Holds Manufacturing Industry Regulatory Workshop

This workshop on regulations needed for disaster prevention and insuring health and safety in manufacturing industries was held in Beijing on April 16, 2013.

Involving 27 participants from universities, institutes, government organizations and enterprise, the workshop analyzed the needs of manufacturing industries with respect to risk management, discussed present regulations, and considered directions for the future.

Professor Hongbin Cao from Beijing Normal University, secretary-general of SRA-China, opened the meeting, followed by speeches from Professor Chongfu Huang, president of SRA-China; Kuisheng Bai, general manager of the Beijing CAZL Technology Service Co., Ltd.; and workshop chairman Professor Ruifang Mou, Southwest Jiaotong University.

Expert speakers addressed topics ranging from fire risk assessment to construction safety. Heitian Zheye, Secretary of Toyota Motor (China) Co., Ltd., introduced Toyota's production safety management system and corporate philosophy. Other speakers addressed the need for third-party monitoring of construction safety and additional aspects of the need for improved risk management in industry.

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