SRA Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group (EISG) Students on Youtube

The finalists for the EISG student merit award have posted youtube videos on their work. Stay tuned to What's New to find out the winner – or catch the EISG business meeting in Baltimore.

For the past five years, the Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group (EISG) has required that the finalists for the student merit award in EISG submit youtube videos on their research. These videos provide a way for the student finalists to share their research with the entire SRA community. Because the videos are public, the videos also provide a unique way for people outside the SRA community to understand how engineering risk analysis can help solve practical problems.

We had five student finalists this year, and their videos are currently available to watch on the following topics: inland waterway risks (Hiba Baroud), supply chain investments for disaster preparedness (Elizabeth Connelly), transporting crude oil by rail (Xiang Liu), identifying at-risk communities (Mahalia Miller), and the public health risks of water pipes breaking (Julie Shortridge)

The students do an excellent of job of describing their research and motivating their work with real-world disruptions and potential problems. Their research is evidence of the high quality of scholarship and practicality produced by students in the engineering and infrastructure risk discipline. Go to the EISG site here for links to all the student videos.

The winner will be announced at the EISG business meeting during the SRA annual meeting on Monday, December 9 at 1:05 pm.

Cameron MacKenzie, EISG Chair