SRA Podcast Series

SRA Podcast Series: "Let's Talk Risk"

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  1. Facing Extreme Weather: How do YOU Prepare? (9/10/18)
  2. How Do We Determine if Our Food is Safe (8/13/18)
  3. Building Urban Resilience (7/30/2018)
  4. Risk Science and the Regulatory Environment (7/16/18)
  5. A Paradigm Shift in Injury Risk Reduction (7/2/18)
  6. Emotions Control Your Appetite for Risk (6/18/18)
  7. Power Systems Resilience: Can We Rely on Renewables? (6/4/18)
  8. Boundaries in Risk Analysis: What's In and What's Out? (5/21/18)
  9. Infrastructure Management: Communities Can Profit From Diaster (5/7/18)
  10. Clearing House at the EPA: An Attack on Science (4/23/18)
  11. The Preservation of a Culture (4/9/18)
  12. We've Been Underestimating Climate Change (3/27/18)
  13. The Uncertainty Component (3/27/18)

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