Update from SRA Korea

SRA Korea organized several regional expert meetings with the Korean Society for Risk Governance (KOSRIG) about “Nuclear Power and Risk Governance.”

Expert Meeting

Stakeholders were invited to interact in expert meetings on six occaisions. Feedback and discussion of the cases reviewed focused on safety principles for the safe operation of power plants (including nuclear power), and discussion about the vulnerability of critical infrastructures (Major critical infrastructures - Power, Gas, Water, Railway, Communication).

Conference and Seminar (Future Meeting)

SRA-Korea will hold a seminar with the theme of “Infection and Hospital Environment”. Korea Society for Green Hospital (KSGH) and Korean Society for Risk Governance (KOSRIG) will co-host alongside SRA Korea. The main topics to be discussed are: “MERS & health impacts”, “Ventilation technology in hospital”, “Infection Control Technology”, “Exposure Status & Human Risk of an Infectious Microorganism” and “Infection Control the Situation in the Hospital.” The participants will include hospital and environmental industry stakeholders.

Yong-Jin Lee
President of SRA Korea