Workshop on Regulations of the Disaster Prevention, Health and Safety to Manufacture Industries

Event Dates

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

SRA-China successfully held a workshop on Regulations of the Disaster Prevention, Health and Safety to Manufacture Industries in China on April 16, 2013, in Beijing. The 27 participants, from universities, institute, government organizations and enterprises, attended the workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to analyze the situation of Regulations of the Disaster Prevention, Health and Safety to Manufacture Industries in China, according to the needs of the manufacture industries’ risk management, discussed the disadvantage of the present regulations’ situation and its development and reformation direction in future.
  Professor Hongbin Cao, secretary-general of SRA-China, working in college of resources science & Technology, Beijing Normal University, took charge of the opening meeting of the workshop, then professor Chongfu Huang, president of SRA-China, given a welcome speech . Kuisheng Bai, general manager of the Beijing CAZL Technology Service Co., Ltd, and Professor Ruifang Mou, chairman of the workshop, director of institute of safety and environment, Southwest Jiaotong University, made speeches in turn.
  There are eight experts making reports involving fire regulations in manufacturing, fire risk assessment, supervision of the construction safety and companies’ safety regulations. Mr. Heitian Zheye, Secretary of Toyota Motor (China) Co., Ltd., introduced Toyota's production safety management system and corporate philosophy, also wanted to have a deeper understanding on China's relevant laws and regulations through the seminar.
  After the report of the meeting, Mr. Fangsheng Zhou, particularly invited expert, who had served as deputy director, Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Deputy Director of Institute of state-owned asset management, Deputy Secretary of SASAC Reform Bureau in turn, made a statement; In his speech, he pointed out that the frequent accidents, not only caused by manage of the construction side, the irrationality of the policy sometimes also is the root cause of the accident, and also expressed that China is now lack of effective supervision system and often supervision and design is integrated, supervised by themselves rather than by an independent third-party monitoring; efforts of following and studying abroad experience in China is not enough. Subsequently, Dr. Duojia Lv, a chairman of a risk management technology company makes a speaking. He said that the existing risk management still was not get enough attention, but the demand for risk management industry is obvious.