ENMSG e-Newsletter March 2014

Dear ENMSG members,
With the 2013 SRA Annual Meeting behind us and 2014 in full swing, we have a few updates and details to share on some exciting opportunities in the coming months:
1) Plans for 2014 – What to expect this year
2) SRA Nano Workshop – Advancing Risk Analysis for Nanomaterials
3) LinkedIn
4) Preparing for SRA Annual meeting 2014
5) Finances report for 2013
1) What to expect in 2014
We received some great feedback at the ENMSG business meeting in December, and are planning lots of good things for 2014.  Our goals this year include:
* expanding the ENMSG community, 
* engaging students throughout the year and at the SRA Annual Meeting, and 
* providing additional opportunities for members to get involved in exciting activities and educational webinars.  
This email provides an overview of upcoming events – for additional information stay tuned via our bi-monthly email updates, and regular ENMSG LinkedIn news feed (see details in #3 below).
2) SRA-ENMSG Nano Risk Workshop 
NANO RISK ANALYSIS (II): A Workshop to Explore How a Multiple Models Approach can Advance Risk Analysis of Nanoscale Materials
September 15-16, Washington, DC
This workshop brings together experts from diverse disciplines to explore ways in which Alternative Testing Strategies (ATS) may be combined to create a Weight of Evidence (WOE) or “multiple models” approach to inform context-specific decisions about risk from exposure to novel nanoscale materials. The goal is to advance a common understanding of the state of the science, early lessons, current opportunities, and next steps for developing ATS for use in decision making for nanoscale materials.
The ENMSG is actively involved in planning for this workshop, and we look forward to your participation this September!  We will send an update once the registration is open – workshop details are available online at, and will be updated there regularly.
If your organization is interested in becoming a co-sponsor for the Nano Risk Analysis (II) workshop, or if you are interested in getting involved in planning and preparation, please contact Christian Beaudrie 
3) Check out our LinkedIn Group
Know of upcoming workshops or meetings related to nano? How about new nano-related journal articles or reports? Share them on the ENMSG LinkedIn page and invite colleagues to join our group!
We hope to grow our LinkedIn group as a means of connecting specialty group members, and enhancing our ability to collaborate with one another. 
To see current posts and contribute to the group:
1. Type “Society for risk analysis” into the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn home page. 
2. Click on “Society for risk analysis” to bring up the Group Page
a.  If you are not yet a member of the SRA LinkedIn Group, request to join the group and then proceed with the steps below
3. Click on the “i” (as in “information) at the upper right of the page 
4. Click “Subgroups”Click Emerging Nanoscale Materials Speciality Group”
a. If you are not yet a member of the ENMSG Subgroup, request to join the group
Contact Christy Powers with any questions or concerns about joining the ENMSG LinkedIn Sub-Group
4) Early preparation for the 2014 SRA Annual Meeting
We look forward to offering additional opportunities for you to present and discuss your nano-related work at the upcoming 2014 SRA Annual Meeting. Interested in looking at a topic related to your work in more depth? Consider submitting a symposium proposal with your colleagues. We highly encourage symposia proposals and abstracts from all ENMSG members and students (ENMSG awards will be available for student presenters!). 
The first call for abstracts and symposia proposals will arrive soon, so start developing your symposium and presentation ideas today and share this opportunity widely!
5) Finances report for 2013
As promised during our December ENMSG business meeting, the following is a summary of ENMSG income and expenses for the period January 1-November 30th, 2013
Beginning balance: $20,510.93
Income – Dues: $110.00
- 2013 AM Speaker Sponsorship: $250
- Nano Website Fee: $125.88
- December 2013 student internship: $1,250
Total expenses: $1,625.88
Ending Balance: $18, 995.05
Thank you, and we look forward to connecting with you in the coming months!
Christian Beaudrie, Chair:
Christina Powers, Vice-Chair:
Audrey Turley, Secretary/Treasurer: