Special issue of Safety Science on the foundations of safety science

A special issue of the journal Safety Science on "The Foundations of Safety Science" has recently been published.

Safety Science, Volume 67, Pages 1-70 (August 2014).

Guest editors: Jean-Christophe Le Coze, Kenneth Pettersen and Teemu Reiman.


Title Author(s)
The foundations of safety science Jean-Christophe Le Coze, Kenneth Pettersen, Teemu Reiman
Issues in safety science Andrew Hopkins
What is safety science? Terje Aven
Is safety a subject for science? Erik Hollnagel
When safety science meets the practitioners: Does safety science contribute to marginalization of practical knowledge? Petter G. Almklov, Ragnar Rosness, Kristine Størkersen
On the ontology of safety Torgeir K. Haavik
There is safety in power, or power in safety Sidney W.A. Dekker, James M. Nyce
Seeing patient safety ‘Like a State’ Robert L. Wears, Garth S. Hunte
The study of information flow: A personal journey Ron Westrum
Foundations of safety science: A postscript Andrew Hale

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