SRA 2014 Annual Meeting - Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis symposia


Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, Coloraro

Event Dates

Monday, 8 December 2014 to Wednesday, 10 December 2014

At the SRA 2014 Annual Meeting the following four symposia will be organized by the Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis specialty group:

Monday 8 December   1:30 - 3:10 PM   Foundational Issues I

Chair: Terje Aven

Room: Plaza Court 6

1:30   A new SRA glossary for risk terminology. Aven T*

1:50   Defining emerging risk. Flage R*, Aven T

2:10   Can we define a concept of ‘risk tolerance’? Bouder F*

2:30   Is the weight of evidence approach in risk assessment according to REACH an application of a general perspective on risk? Sahlin U, Vareman N

2:50   What is the difference between risk-based, evidence-based and knowledge-based decision making? Vareman N*, Sahlin U

Tuesday 9 December   10:30 AM - Noon   Foundational Issues II: Confronting the Unforeseen and Black Swans

Chair: Seth Guikema

Room: Plaza Ballroom E

10:30   Unknown (Un)Knowns: a problem formulation and approaches for risk-informed decision-making. Damnjanovic I*

10:50   Are adaptive strategies feasible and useful in confronting extreme risks? Goble R*

11:10   Reflections on black swans and emerging risks. Renn O*

11:30   The complexity of critical infrastructures and the risk of black swans: some foundational reflections. Bjerga T*, Zio E, Aven T

11:50   Can model simulations be used to reduce the domain of black swans? Berner CL*, Flage R, Staid A, Guikema S

Tuesday 9 December   1:30 - 3:10 PM   Foundational Issues III: Uncertainties in Risk Analysis

Chair: Roger Flage

Room: Governors Square 14

1:30   Some reflections on uncertainty treatment in risk analysis. Aven T*

1:50   Risk analysis under deep uncertainty: a methodological comparison. Shortridge JE*, Aven T, Guikema SD

2:10   Model uncertainty in risk analysis. Droguett EL*   CANCELLED

2:30   Risky accounts: uncertainty as a resource for safety. Haavik TK*

Wednesday 10 December   8:30 - 10:10 AM   Foundational Issues IV

Chair: Ullrika Sahlin

Room: Plaza Ballroom E

8:30   Can policy be risk-based? A reality check based in the cultural theory of risk. Duckett DD*

8:50   Methodological foundations for integrating socio-technical risk analysis with big data analytics. Pence J*, Mohaghegh Z

9:10   Risk assessment report card. Shamoun DY*, Calabrese EJ

9:30   Case studies of acceptable risk: paving the way for the risk-specific dose. Fox MA*, Baksh S, Lam J

9:50   Multiple elicitations: the internal inconsistency of everyday decisions. Bessette DL*, Arvai JL