Update from SRA Latin America

We are happy to announce that the Third Regional Congress of SRA Latin America will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, in May of 2016.

We encourage you to come and enjoy the city and our Latin culture, which is rich in so many ways.  São Paulo is the city that never switches off, that makes people feel alive and thrilled to live each and every moment! With a strongly diversified array of activities, this enticing city offers something for everyone.

The Regional Organization president has organized a local committee, which brings together representatives of several important Brazilian entities including universities, civil defense, environmental agencies, public and private organizations, associations and institutes. SRA-LA works closely with its valuable partner, the Association of Geology and Environmental Engineering, which has a strong background in scientific and professional organizations in Brazil. The local committee has the support of SRA-LA Executive Council. All the staff has been working hard to organize the congress.
The theme of the Congress "Development and Risks in the Latin American Context" intends to highlight the role of risk analysis as a tool to support technical decisions. The Congress seeks to establish policies aimed to address and prevent risks in its various forms as well as involving public and private sectors in the context of Latin American countries, where the main concern is: limited resources and marked social inequality.

This certainly is the opportunity to immerse yourself in our rich culture and expertise in the risk analysis field. Don’t miss it and mark your calendar! We will provide more details on the scientific program, dates and recommended hotel accommodations soon on www.srala.org and www.abge.org.br.

Elizabeth Nunes Alves,
President of SRA-LA