ARMSG Business Meeting at SRA 2016

1) Myriam Merad presented an overview of ARMSG history and goals.

2) John Lathrop presented the ARMSG Student Award to Dan Hudson, in absentia.

3) Myriam presented officer positions for discussion:

  • Chair: John Lathrop, normal progression from his past role as Chair Elect.
  • Co-Chair: open position. While there were no explicit nominations from the floor, four people volunteered to work on specific tasks, if we would list possible specific tasks, in roles that could be recognized as Co-Chair roles. Those people:
    - Willy Røed
    - Clint Johnson
    - Charles Redinger
    - Gerald “Scott” Braley
  • Past Chair: Myriam Merad
  • Chair Elect: open position.
  • Secretary Treasurer: Patricia Larkin offered her name as nominee. John Lathrop presented a very brief summary of her Biosketch, and she was accepted as Secretary Treasurer by acclamation.

4) Myriam presented “What Was Done, and Ongoing”:

What was done this year

  • Program preparation and session chairs (6).
  • SG student award.
  • Working to connect our SG with the Foundational Issues SG and the Microbial Risk Analysis SG, with some interaction with the Risk Communication SG.
  • Addressed technical and programmatic problems.
  • Worked through three drafts of the Principles & Guidelines document.
  • Conducted a webinar on that document on Aug 31. Debriefed and circulated results.

What is ongoing

  • Consider preparing a special issue of Risk Analysis.
  • Consider preparing a collective paper.

5) Myriam presented a “Program” slide, listing steps forward:

  • Connection with other SGs.
  • Consolidate our fundamentals both operationally and scientifically.
  • Continue to share information on social networks (LinkedIn, Researchgate, ...).
  • Contribute to our SRA webpage.
  • List and analyze key existing guidelines, papers, regulations, tools, experience feedback, and make them accessible. In particular, bring the Principles & Guidelines through at least one more draft.
  • Also: Hold a webinar on the Principles & Guidelines.
  • Let initiatives emerge from the group and let the members of the group lead the actions they suggested (to be more participative and improve the empowerment of the group).
  • Suggest working seminars on the topic of applied risk management
  • in the different countries of the participants.
  • Organize training session on our fundamentals (Long term issue).