Bayes Days: Overcoming Practical Problems in Applying Bayesian Methods


University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Event Dates

Friday, 22 September 2017 to Saturday, 23 September 2017

Come to Bayes Days at the Liverpool Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, and find the solutions and the collaborators you've been looking for.

Bayes Days is a convocation of mutual support for Bayesians and would-be Bayesians who have been stymied by intractable problems, wonky software, problematic data, or just their own inexperience. Presentations from any discipline or subject matter are welcome. Presentations with flawed or preliminary Bayesian analyses are welcome. Presenters can self-label their problems with

  • n00b needs help
  • software issues
  • technical problems
  • nagging concerns
  • philosophical puzzles
  • solved problem
  • no problems at all
  • my analysis is perfect
  • or some other descriptive phrase.

Presenters will get audience feedback, off-the-cuff suggestions, and possibly the chance to meet future collaborators.

The conference is open to everyone free of charge and will include training and tutorial workshops on Bayesian methods aimed at both introductory and intermediate-level audiences.

For additional information, please see the event website.