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About the DRSG:

The Dose Response Specialty Group (DRSG), founded in 1994, is a subsection of the Society for Risk Analysis that focuses on the relationships between underlying causal mechanisms for toxic effects, population dose-response relationships (including interindividual variability), and implications for regulatory choices. We are interested in probabilistic methods for projecting responses to assist in analyzing the benefits of measures that are expected to alter population exposures to chemical, physical, and microbial hazards. We are also interested in the integrated use of mechanistic, animal, and epidemiologic data to estimate risks at lower doses than can be directly assessed in animal toxicology or human studies. We provide fora for vigorous interdisciplinary exchange in our sponsored symposia and three teleseminars per year led by invited speakers. More information is provided in our DRSG poster (pdf file; may take a while to load) and in our 2013 welcome letter

Our teleseminars are usually held in March, June, and September in place of our regular monthly teleconferences from 12:00-1:00 PM (U.S. Eastern time) on the first Tuesday of the month. All are welcome to participate in the teleseminars and our monthly discussions of annual meeting symposia, student awards, and other business. Use the link above to sign up for our email list.

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You may also be interested in the report on "Adverse Effects" prepared by the Duke Center for Environmental Solutions.

Contact: Ingrid Druwe, Chair, or Paul Schlosser, Web Administrator

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