Annual Meeting

Florida Statement

Update October 17, 2022 ( published in SRA newsletter October 2022)

Dear Members –

We held two listening sessions recently to discuss concerns that the 2022 Annual Meeting is being held in Florida. Thanks to those of you who attended. 

As a diverse, non-partisan international organization, SRA’s 40-year charge is to promote the role of risk science in decision-making and be actively engaged in translating risk science to policy and other decision makers. Recognizing the complexity of the science and the values involved in many critical issues, SRA does not make policy recommendations or recommend specific solutions to societal problems. (excerpt from SRA’s Policy on Promoting Risk Science in Decision Making June 2022).  

In May, we issued a statement underscoring SRA’s policy on non-discrimination, our code of conduct and our pledge to advance the inclusion of all talent to maximize the excellence and integrity of our field and to make SRA’s meetings open and safe for all who attend.  

Since May, SRA leaders are actively exploring possible new policies to provide guidance for how future meeting locations are selected and sites contracted. Meeting locations are selected 4+ years in advance, and the pandemic moved a few of our meeting locations to the future, so the 2025 meeting would be the first under any new policy. 

Most importantly, we are asking our global risk community to do what we do best.  We encourage our risk science practitioners and researchers to lean into these issues and conduct research that underscores the science related to various policies for decision makers. This is how we showcase risk science and its role in policy making.  

To us, this is the best way for SRA to take a stand, through risk-based science on critical issues and we encourage you to join us. 

Look forward to continuing the conversation in December, 

Ragnar, Trina and Seth