Quantitative Risk Analysis and Disease Modeling in Epidemiology


Fort Collins, CO

Event Dates

Saturday, 20 April 2019 to Wednesday, 24 April 2019

This course will cover the key principles of quantitative risk analysis in epidemiology and the most important risk modeling principles, methods and techniques available. Unlike other training courses in risk analysis, we dedicate a portion of the course to the modeling of epidemic and endemic diseases, and how resulting outputs can be used in risk assessments.

The course provides participants with hands-on skills to effectively use a risk modeling software environment. For this training, @RISK with Excel and a few examples with the statistical software R are used, but the lessons apply equally well to other modeling environments. Rather than just learning how to use software, the course focuses on how to conduct accurate and effective quantitative risk analyses, including best practices of risk modeling, selecting the appropriate distribution, using data and expert opinion, and avoiding common mistakes. The course will also cover essential probability and statistics theory and various stochastic processes to provide participants with a solid understanding of the foundations of quantitative risk analysis.

Please review the prerequisites section before attending the course. The requirements are very basic but ensuring that all participants arrive with this basic level prevents us from spending too much time on familiarization with Excel® rather than learning about risk assessment modeling.

For additional information, please see the course web site.