SRA 2013 Annual Meeting - Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis symposia


Hilton Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

Event Dates

Monday, 9 December 2013 to Wednesday, 11 December 2013

At the SRA 2013 Annual Meeting the following three symposia will be organized by the Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis specialty group:

Monday 9 December           1:30-3:00 pm   Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis, Part I

Chairs: Terje Aven, Tony Cox

Room: Key Ballroom 3

13:30  Foundational issues in risk assessment and management. T Aven*, E Zio 

13:50  Adapting Risk Management to Reduce Regret. T Cox*

14:10  Is Risk Analysis Predictive? Prediction, Validation, and the Purpose(s) of Risk Analysis. SD Guikema*

14:30  What Military Strategy can Teach Us about Risk-Management and Uncertainty. Y Ben-Haim*

Monday 9 December           3:30-5:00 pm   Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis, Part II

Chairs: Elizabeth Pate-Cornell, Roger Flage

Room: Key Ballroom 3

15:30  Concerns, challenges and directions of development for the issue of representing uncertainty in risk assessment. R Flage*, T Aven, E Zio, P Baraldi

15:50  On black swans and perfect storms. ME Pate-Cornell*

16:10  How often should safety critical valves be tested? EB Abrahamsen, F Asche, AM Gelyani*, SD Guikema

16:30  What are the effects on safety of using safety standards in major hazard industries? EB Abrahamsen, F Asche, MF Milazzo*

Wednesday 11 December   1:30-3:00 pm   Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis, Part III

Chair: Torbjørn Bjerga

Room: Johnson B

13:30  Probability theory for inductive reasoning: The "necessarist" viewpoint as an alternative, and supplement, to subjective probability. DW North*

13:50  Reflections on how to conceptualize and assess the performance and risk of different types of complex systems. R Nateghi*

14:10  Adaptive risk management using the new risk perspectives – an example from the oil and gas industry. T Bjerga*, T Aven

14:30  Decision criteria for updating test intervals for well barriers. AM Gelyani*, EB Abrahamsen, JT Selvik

* Speaker