Abstract Submission for Advances in Decision Analysis Now Open

Submissions are due by Monday, March 3, 2014, for this conference, to be held June 16-18, 2014, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

The text of the organization's announcement follows:

Abstract submissions are open for Advances in Decision analysis, the first stand-alone conference organized by the Decision Analysis society. The conference will be held June 16-18, 2014, hosted by the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

We are now accepting abstracts focusing on statistics, economics, psychology, and other decision-making related disciplines with a presecriptive focus. Submissions will undergo a peer-review process. those not selected for presentation may be invited to present a poster.

Sumission deadline: Monday, March 3, 2014 (only one submission per person s accepted)

Abstract length must not exceed 200 characters (including spaces), and one page extended abstract in PDF format must also be uploaded. If you choose, you can upload a full paper in PDF form instead of the one-page abstract, but this is not required and does not require a transfer of copyright.. 

Please refer to the conference website for abstract submission and information about hotels and travel. Rgistration will open soon.

Conference website: https://www.informs.org/Community/DAS/DAS-Conference

Conference Participants

We invite anyone interested in prescriptive decision-making. Because decision analysis and decision theory are highly interdisciplinary, our attendees include specialists in decision theory, psychology, economics, statistics, forecasting, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, operations research, and management science. Our audience also includes practitioners of decision analysis who work as consultants or as in-house experts within organizations and those who teach courses in decision analysis or decision maaking in general. 

Conference Mission 

The primary focus of the conference is to promote the development and study of operational decision-making methods, drawing on all aspects of decision theory, decision analysis, and behavioral decision theory with the ultimate objective of provdiing practical guidance for decision makers.

As such, the conference aims to bridge the theory and practice of decision analysis, facilitating communication and the exchange of knowledge among decision analysts in academic, business, medicine, industry, and government. Presentations will contribute to these goals in many ways, using a wide variety of methods and approaches.

Appropriate topics for presentations include:

 - the discussion of new or existing procedures, processes, or algorithms for implementing decision analysis,

 - cognitive, psychological, organizational, economic, policy, or social issues in applying decision analysis,

 - innovative uses of information technology to perform decision analysis,

 - issues in applying decision analysis to real-world situations,

 - and other topics that further the theory and practice of decision analysis.

The conference welcomes original contributions that challenge the field, for example by showing how concepts, ideas, and methods from other fields (such as game theory, experimental economics, neuroeconomics, behavioral finance, consumer behavior, or geographical information systems) can improve the theory or practice of decision analysis. The conference also accepts presentations that review and summarize important topics or advances of interest to decision analysts or that provide original historical, scholarly, or practical perspectives on the field.

For enquires and questions: contact Jason Merrick (jrmerric@vcu.edu) or Yael Grushka-cockayne (grushkay@darden.virginia.edu)