Deadline is extended: The Society for Risk Analysis, Asia Conference 2018

The deadline of author registration for SRA Asia 2018 is extended by October 30,2017. For detail, see the conference Web site, 

At “Registration” page, you can register your abstracts of presentations and participation. For detail, see “How to register abstracts” below. We are sorry that I could not inform it earlier.

The Society for Risk Analysis, Asia Conference 2018

Date: 13 – 14 March, 2018

Venue: Takatsuki Muse campus, Kansai University, Takatsuki, Osaka

Conference Theme: "Communication and collaboration in diversity of researches in East Asia”

We have variety of risk issues to be analyzed. Natural disasters, climate change, accidents by science and technology, chemicals, radiation, EMF (electromagnetic field), food safety, insurance, risk administration of governance and business, war, terrorism, consensus formation, and so on. Each risk issue cannot be solved with single traditional academic field. The solution will be brought through interdisciplinary approach. That was why Society for Risk Analysis was organized. SRA originally has diversity in academic fields, and we have decades of experience that we successfully made progress in risk researches with communication and collaboration in diversity of academic fields. The regional SRAs in Asia also have their diversity, that is, each of them has its specialty. Natural disaster research in China, toxicology in Korea, public health in Taiwan, and risk communication in Japan. The diversity in the regional SRAs in Asia will be a trigger of our success of fruitful risk researches with our communication and collaboration by helping and learning each other. We sincerely welcome all of you to the SRA Asia Conference 2018.

Shoji Tsuchida, Chair, SRA Ssia 2018


Keynote speaker will be Terje Aven, University of Stavanger, and President-elect of Society for Risk Analysis. In addition, Leaders of risk analysts from Korea, China, Taiwan and other countries will meet and share their ideas.


Alongside of the conference, we will hold a symposium entitled "Homeland Security and Risk Analysis: Under the military tension in Korean Peninsula", hosted by Kansai University. This is aimed to examine, from the viewpoint of risk analysis, what kind of response should be taken in preparation for the damage caused by war and terrorism as same as preparations for natural disasters. Participants of SRA Asia 2018 can participate here as well.

Registration fee

Early bird (until 20 Dec. 2017)

  • Registration fee Adult             20,000 JPY
  • Registration fee Student          3,000 JPY
  • Gala dinner                               5,000 JPY

 After 21 Dec. 2017 or On site

  • Registration fee Adult             25,000 JPY
  • Registration fee Student          5,000 JPY
  • Gala dinner                             6,000 JPY

Important Date
Deadline for Authors registration
17:00 (JST) 30 October 2017
Deadline for Submission of abstracts
End of November 2017
Deadline for Early bird registration
20 December 2017

How to register abstracts

  1. Visit “Registration” page in . Click ”Go to registration of SRA Asia 2018” page, or go to .
  2. Make your account by imputing your name, affiliation, and contact information including email address.
  3. You will receive a message at the email address. Click the URL written in the message for confirmation.
  4. Login at by using the account made in Step 2. Register presentation title, name of author(s), keywords, presentation type (oral or poster), and category (see below).

Accept notification will be sent from the secretariat in early November 2017. Then register the abstracts (up to 500 words) at the registration site.

  • Category of presentation
    • Environmental risk assessment and management
    • Chemical risk assessment and management
    • Radiation risk assessment and management
    • Industrial and process safety management
    • Natural disaster risk
    • Food safety
    • Risk perception and risk communication
    • Economic and insurance perspectives
    • Emerging technology
    • Home and society risk
    • Risk governance
    • Crisis management
    • Homeland security


Shoji Tsuchida, Chair, SRA Asia conference 2018

Yasunobu Maeda, President, SRA-Japan