International HSEnano Project Unveils Beta Version of its Nanotechnology Health, Safety and Environment Web Platform

SRA members and others are invited to submit suggestions to improve the website for this transnational project, which includes reports, tools, organizational contacts, and other useful information related to nanotechnology risk assessment and understanding nanotechnology-related standards.

The English-language beta version of the project (which can be accessed here) has been created by SRA member Guilherme F. B. Lenz e Silva, currently a visiting scholar in the School of Engineering at Brown University, Rhode Island, with two of his students, Marcelle Herescu (Materials Engineering) and Vinicius Adaime Alves de Melo (Software Engineering). Among other items, the site already includes more than 450 website addresses and 300 technical reports designed to provide the best available information to help improve nano-related risk assessments and to allow people to work safely with nanomaterials. This beta version will be available for comment during 2015, with a Portuguese version slated to appear in February. The final version of the site is scheduled for release in January of 2016.

The project has been funded by the Brazilian National Science Foundation and the Brazilian National Institute of Technology. Brown University, Sheffield Hallam University (UK), and the University of São Paulo (Brazil) are participating in researcher and student exchanges with funding by the Brazilian Science Without Borders program. The University of São Pulo has provided additional support.