New SRA Specialty Group Created on Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis

The group will provide a forum for exploring the underlying concepts, principles, theories and methods that guide the field of risk analysis.

Here is an announcement and invitation from the group:

We are pleased to announce that the SRA Council has approved the establishment of a new Specialty Group on Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis. The Specialty Group provides a scientific and technical forum for dialogue on foundational issues in risk analysis and promotes initiatives targeting the diverse communities of risk analysts and researchers. It  will lead the organization of workshops, conferences and committees to study and reflect on issues that are critical for risk analysis as a field and relevant for broad categories of applications (such as: To what extent is risk analysis a scientific field? What is the meaning of the concept of risk? How should we describe and characterize risk and uncertainties reflecting the knowledge available? How should we understand and treat model uncertainties in a risk analysis context? How should we confront deep uncertainties in a risk analysis setting? How should we deal with surprising events?). These issues cover the study, development and scrutiny/clarification of basic and general concepts, theories, principles, and methods for the purpose of understanding, assessing, describing, managing, governing and/or communicating risk.

The first Specialty Group meeting will be held during the SRA conference in Baltimore in December. You are most welcome to join us at this meeting and/or at one or more of the three symposia on Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis that we organize during the SRA meeting. 

Terje Aven (, Chair

For additional information please visit this group's website here