New SRA Specialty Group Focuses on Occupational Health and Safety Risks

SRA Members are invited to join and help launch the Occupational Health and Safety Specialty Group (OHSSG) at the SRA 2013 Annual Meeting in Baltimore on December 8-11.

The full text of their annoucement follows:

The new OHSSG will meet at 12:05 p.m. on Monday, December 9, to establish the organization, approve the By-Laws and elect officers. The purpose of creating this new Specialty Group is to give SRA members interested in occupational risks a forum for discussion and collaboration, and also to recruit to SRA new members from the ranks of occupational safety and health professionals including industrial hygienists, safety engineers, and occupational epidemiologists and others engaged in occupational risk assessments.

Risks resulting from employment are often among the most severe risks encountered by humans. The prevailing levels of risk of disease and injury in the workplace tend to be three or more orders of magnitude higher than corresponding risks in the general environment. Because the exposures are often higher, and somewhat easier to assess, occupational cohorts have been the source of much of the raw data for environmental risk assessment. Important science-policy issues are especially prominent in occupational health, including genetic screening and monitoring, risk spreading through dose/time adjustments, hazard thresholds, wage-risk tradeoffs in employment, and development and use of occupational exposure limits. The OHSSG plans to foster thoughtful discussion and interaction on these issues through increased participation in the SRA, through sponsored workshops, and through symposia relating to workplace hazards, risk assessment and risk management.

All individuals with an interest in worker safety and health are encouraged to join.

Frank Hearl