A note from President Dr. Jim Lambert

Dear SRA Members:
I am delighted to serve as the SRA President from December 2015 to December 2016. 

Thank you and particularly the SRA Annual Meeting Committee for the success of the 2015 Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA USA, a summary of which appears above in this newsletter. We welcomed 900 meeting attendees for presentations, roundtables, mentoring, workshops, plenary sessions, plenary exhibition, exhibitors, business meeting, awards presentations, editorial board meetings, membership drive, etc.

As President, I will grow the role of the Society in advancing global industrial and corporate innovation and in addressing the challenges of world population migrations. I will continue the Society's thirty-five year tradition of excellence in business practices. I will ensure you are aware and involved in the numerous member initiatives including regional activities in Africa and Cuba, topical meetings around the world, nanotechnology new initiative, liaison with related professional societies, mentoring of early- and mid-career scientists, risk science informing technology policy, member communications including the SRA website and newsletters, the Society's journal Risk Analysis, etc. 

The SRA Council and I encourage you to become involved in leadership of our SRA Committees, SRA Specialty Groups, and SRA Regional Organizations, all of whose Chairs and other members are identified at our website www.SRA.org.

Please welcome from the SRA Secretariat Brett Burk as the new SRA Executive Secretary and Jill Drupa as the new SRA Director of Administration. They have assumed the functions of David Drupa who was recognized with an SRA Presidential Merit Award for his ten years of outstanding service as SRA Executive Secretary at the SRA 2015 Annual Meeting. The SRA Secretariat at our worldwide headquarters outside Washington DC has served the Society with wisdom, dedication, and fiscal responsibility since the Society's founding thirty-five years ago.

We are utmost grateful to Pamela Williams who has served as SRA President in 2014-2015 and will lead this coming year 2015-2016 the SRA Publications Committee. Pamela was recognized at the Annual Meeting for her distinguished accomplishments as a scholar, entrepreneur, and Society leader, including as President and Treasurer among several other roles. Please support the SRA President-Elect Margaret MacDonell who will Chair the SRA 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, USA, and become the SRA President in December 2016.

Please continue to share your interests, needs, and offers to serve the Society to me, the SRA Secretariat, the SRA Executive Committee, and the SRA Council.

Thank you and regards,