Seminar: Public Health Risks and Private Initiatives

SRA Metro NY/NJ/CT is sponsoring a seminar and networking opportunity at Columbia University on Thursday, April 18, from 5-8 pm.

According to Rao Kolluru, President of the Metro SRA group, the event is designed to increase awareness of the science and art of risk assessment and benefit-cost analysis underlying policy decisions, while promoting interdisciplinary interaction across professions. “Students and attendees of all ages will get a glimpse of career opportunities at the intersection of the ‘three Es’: environment, energy, and economics,” he adds.

Speakers represent industry, academia and the non-profit sector; these include Rae Zimmerman, NYU Professor of Planning and Public Administration and Past President of SRA; Thomas Lewis, Group Vice President of Louis Berger Group; Vincent Coluccio, risk consultant and expert witness in lead cases; and Mark Brownstein, Associate Vice President and Chief Counsel for the US Energy and Climate Program of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The talks will be followed by a networking mixer.

The seminar will take place in the Kings Room at the Columbia Alumni Center, 622 West 113th Street, NYC. For more information, contact Dr. Kolluru at