Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Workshops in March

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA) is offering several post-conference professional development workshops in Washington, DC on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, including:

  • Deregulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis;
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis for Beginners;
  • Introduction to Benefit-Cost Analysis for Regulatory Impact Analysis;
  • Addressing Uncertainty and Non-quantified Effects In Benefit-Cost Analysis;
  • A Voice Crying in the Wilderness? Techniques for Promoting the Use of Evidence and BCA Results to Policymakers; and
  • Valuing Changes in Health and Longevity.

The workshops bring together leading experts and practitioners with diverse perspectives to discuss key challenges associated with these types of analyses. They’re targeted at both those interested in conducting these analyses and those interested in better understanding the strengths and limitations of analyses they review. As part of the committee that organized these workshops, I’m really excited about the group of speakers who have agreed to participate.

Please visit SBCA’s website for a more detailed description and preliminary agenda, a list of speakers, and an online registration form: Early-bird registration discounts will be available through January 31, 2019. For more information on joining SBCA and attending its conference, please visit: