Special issue of Risk Analysis on foundational issues in risk analysis

A special issue of the journal Risk Analysis on "Foundational issues in Risk Analysis" has recently been published.

Risk Analysis, Volume 34, Issue 7, Pages 1161–1358 (July 2014).


Title Author(s)
Foundational Issues in Risk Assessment and Risk Management Terje Aven and Enrico Zio
Is Risk Analysis Scientific? Sven Ove Hansson and Terje Aven
Some Considerations on the Definition of Risk Based on Concepts of Systems Theory and Probability Massimo Andretta
Concerns, Challenges, and Directions of Development for the Issue of Representing Uncertainty in Risk Assessment  Roger Flage, Terje Aven, Enrico Zio and Piero Baraldi
A Scale of Risk Paolo Gardoni and Colleen Murphy
Improving Risk Management: From Lame Excuses to Principled Practice  Elisabeth Paté-Cornell and Louis Anthony Cox Jr.

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