SRA EISG Group Launches New Initiative: Best Practices in Risk Education

Members of the SRA Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group seek to identify best practices at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The group, working across varied domains including engineering and business, includes both academics and practitioners and aims to address the question of what risk-related topics should be taught in undergraduate and graduate programs to enable students to become successful and aware of risks and opportunities dominant in a complex and competitive marketplace.

The group aims to identify and document: (i) risk assessment, management, and communication concepts and topics that would be of special benefit to undergraduate or graduate students, along with the associated learning objectives; (ii) best articles, textbooks, examples, and case studies to advance the proliferation of those topics at different educational levels; and (iii) best in-class practices for active learning of those topics.

Additionally, the group aims to create an SRA community knowledge bank where, through a user-friendly interface, EISG and other SRA members will be able to add relevant information and resources related to risk education and to utilize information posted by other members. General information within the knowledge bank will be grouped into specific categories to enable a more focused search by members, and example class syllabi will be provided to assist educators teaching risk assessment, management, and communication with their class development efforts.

All members of SRA are invited to contribute their thoughts and relevant materials. Over the next couple of weeks a “Best Practices in Risk Education Survey” will be sent to all SRA Specialty Group Chairs who will be invited to send the survey to their membership. The purpose of this survey will be to explore the important and generalizable risk concepts that academics have been teaching in their classes and that practitioners deem important for success in industry, and then to share these insights with the remaining SRA community.

Additionally, the EISG group will be organizing a Best Practices in Risk Education Webinar in June of 2014, as well as a discussion panel at the 2014 SRA Annual Conference, to publicly discuss the need for more consistent risk education at the undergraduate and graduate programs. Details on those events will follow as developed.

For more information, or to become involved with the effort, please email Eva Andrijcic at Additionally, please see the SRA Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group on LinkedIn for additional and up-to-date information. The link for the “Best Practices in Risk Education Survey” and the link for initial survey results will be posted on the EISG LinkedIn page when available.

Eva Andrijcic, Ph.D.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology