SRA Journal Issues Call for Nominations for Area Editor for Policy

Risk Analysis, An International Journal seeks to fill the position of Area Editor for Policy. The position is a three-year appointment to serve on the Editorial Staff of the journal.

The Area Editor will focus on the intersection of risk analysis, policy analysis, and risk-informed public policy making. The work for this position will include soliciting high-quality papers to advance the theory and applications of risk-cost-benefit analysis, risk-informed public choice and government, law-and-economics of risky transactions and risk management frameworks and institutions, and risk-informed policy-making and policy evaluation. Applicants should have academic training in economics (ideally including the new institutional economics and political economy and behavioral economics), public policy and policy analysis, law-and-economics, and social statistics, including evaluation studies. A goal for this position is to help increase the impact of the journal Risk Analysis and the field of risk analysis in appropriately informing important public policy discussions and debates and assessing the results of risk-related policies.


The AE will work closely with Editor-In-Chief, Tony Cox, and Managing Editor, Karen Lowrie, to oversee the peer review process for submitted manuscripts in this discipline area and make recommendations about the suitability of submitted manuscripts for publication in the Journal. As a prominent scholar in the field, the AE will be expected to invite submissions and to ensure that the Journal is publishing high-quality articles on the most prominent topics in the field. The AE is expected to be a member of SRA and to meet, at a minimum, for one half-day at the SRA Annual Meeting held each December to discuss objectives for the coming year. There may be phone meetings at other times during the year. The Area Editor position includes a stipend.


Nominations or applications for positions should include a CV and a brief statement of the nominee’s/applicant’s qualifications, relevant experience, plans for the journal, and clear commitment to attend the annual Editorial staff meeting.  Please submit by December 31, 2013 to: Tony Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Karen Lowrie, Managing Editor, and Ann Bostrom, Publications Committee Chair, by email:,, The search committee will begin reviewing applications and nominations on January 1, 2014 and will continue the search until the position is filled.