SRA's Risk Analysis Journal Impact Remains Strong, Latest Figures Show

New journal citation data for 2012 from the Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) system rank SRA’s flagship journal Risk Analysis: An International Journal at 22nd among 136 Public, Environmental and Occupational Health journals.

This ranking is based on a two-year impact factor for RA of 2.278. The recently released figures reflect a slight downward fluctuation from last year’s two-year impact factor of 2.366 but are consistent with a ten-year upward trend overall (see graph). The factor is calculated by dividing the total number of 2012 citation in ranked journals to papers published in RA during 2010 and 2011 by the total number of published papers in RA during that same 2010-2011 period. In other words, it represents the mean number of citations to 2010-2011 RA papers that were made during 2012.

The result is a standard metric for assessing journal quality based on the rate at which other scholars make use of the work. Out of all 3016 ranked social science journals, RA was number 328 based on these figures.

However, the real value of published papers may take longer to emerge. This is illustrated by data compiled for RA by Wiley for citations as of March 2013 for all previously published RA articles. Leading this group was Tengs et al.’s 1995 article, “500 Lifesaving Interventions and Their Cost-Effectiveness,” with 735 total citations since publication.

Ranked second in citations was Kasperson et al.’s 1988 paper, “Social Amplification of Risk: A Conceptual Framework” (545 citations), and third ranked was Slovic’s 1993 “Perceived Risk, Trust, and Democracy” (494 citations).

Because older papers often do grow in citations in the years following their initial publication, the Thomson Reuters statistics also include a five-year impact factor, summarizing the most current year’s citations for papers published over the previous five years rather than just two years. RA’s five-year impact factor for 2012 was 2.468.

To access these and other RA articles directly, SRA members may click here. The journal is also available through most academic libraries.

                                                      Susanna Priest, Ph.D.

                                                      SRA News Editor

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Slovic, Paul. 1993. “Perceived Risk, Trust, and Democracy.” Risk Analysis 13(6): 675-682.

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