UNISDR Synthesis Report Sets Stage for Global Management of Disaster Risk

This April 2013 United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction report summarizes global consultations intended to lead up to the Post-2015 Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Available on the SRA-Latin America site by clicking here or directly from the UNISDR here, this report will inform the work of the Fourth Session of the Global Platform meeting in May, 2013, by identifying ideas and suggestions for this initiative, known as the Hyogo Framework for Action 2 or HFA2. Then, beginning in June 2013 and culminating in the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction meeting to be held in Japan in 2015, a second phase of consultations will be carried out.

The earlier Hyogo Framework was adopted by 168 countries at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in January, 2005, and later endorsed by the UN General Assembly. It reflected “the need for a comprehensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary approach” to reducing the risk from disasters. A decade later, its ideas are due to be revisited.

Nine concepts “point the way” toward the next-generation approach, according to the current report: building on the existing HFA by continuing to stress resilience; reflecting an enhanced understanding of risk at all levels; engaging citizens, local governments and communities in the effort; recognizing the effects of private investment on reducing risk and increasing resilience; strengthening governance and accountability as part of the “enabling environment” necessary for success; adopting a “holistic approach” linked to sustainable development and the reduction of poverty; fully integrating climate change issues into the HFA2 approach; taking account of advances in science and technology that improve disaster forecasting; and promoting gender equity in participation and leadership. The report provides details on how the consultations to date have considered these factors, as well as outlining the path forward.