Upcoming Events

Our first RTP-SRA guest lecture of the year:

Join us at Duke University next Friday (October 4, 10am, 208 Hudson Hall) for an exciting talk by Douglas MacMartin from Cornell University on the use of geoengineering technologies within broader climate strategies (link or flyer). Parking available is at the Bryan center Parking Garage. This talk will be followed-up by a lecture in mid-November given by Kate Ricke from UC San Diego on geoengineering impacts (details are forthcoming). For more information, contact Tyler Felgenhauer.

Upcoming sponsored events will include guest lectures on a variety of topics relevant for 21st century issues in risk science, including the e.g., risks and ethics of genetic engineering, the role of misinformation in shaping public opinions, risks of extreme catastrophic risks, and other interesting risk-science based themes! Stay tuned for more information.

SRA's Annual Meeting (Dec. 8-12, 2019)