Upcoming Events

Next RTP-SRA guest lecture [updated 1/23/20]:

  • "Careers in Risk Science" panel hosted at NC State University on Tuesday Jan. 28th, 12 noon-1 pm, followed by lunch! We will hear from 5 panelists regarding their career paths in risk, including Drs. Jennifer Kuzma (Professor/Co-Director GES Center, NC State), David Berube (Professor, Dept. of Communication, NC State), Paul Price (Computational Exposure Assessor, EPA), Amy Wang (Health Scientist, National Toxicology Program, NIEHS), and Christopher Cummings (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, relocating to RTP). If you're interested in attending, please contact Khara Grieger for further information and details.
  • We recently co-sponsored a guest lecture by Sir Charles Godfray on Monday the 13th at 7pm (NC State, details here), entitled "Can We Feed the World Without Wrecking the Environment?" This was sponsored in part by the Society for Risk Analysis through our strategic initiative funding, as well as the Genetics and Genomic Initiative at NC State. The lecture is now available to watch and/or listen to online:
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Future guest lectures will be announced in the coming weeks and months, and may cover risks and ethics of genetic engineering, the role of misinformation in shaping public opinions and risks of “fake news,” risks of extreme catastrophic risks, and other interesting risk-science based themes. Stay tuned for more information!