U.S. EPA Announces Fall Workshop on Chemically Induced Mouse Lung Tumors

This two-day workshop on "Chemically Induced Mouse Lung Tumors: Application to Human Health Risk Assessment" is scheduled for October 24-25, 2013, with the goal of informing Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) assessments.

The text of EPA's announcement follows:

EPA [has] announced a two-day, state-of-the-science workshop that will cover a broad range of evidence from human, animal, and in vitro (test tube) studies with a focus on specific chemicals (ethylbenzene, naphthalene, and styrene) causing tumors in mice and implicated in a proposed species-specific mode of action based on metabolic and physiological susceptibility. The goal of the workshop is to inform IRIS assessments for chemicals with similar mouse lung tumor evidence. The workshop is being sponsored and organized by EPA with input from (1) a volunteer committee of outside experts (including representatives from academic institutions, State agencies, other Federal organizations, NGOs, and industry), and (2) an internal working group of experts from EPA and other Federal partners.  The workshop will include four separate sessions that will examine individual topic areas in detail, beginning with and continually referring back to the human relevance of data from animal and in vitro studies. Follow-on meetings may occur after the workshop to continue discussions related to the goal of the workshop.

Link to the IRIS Recent Additions page that includes this information here. For more information, contact National Center for Environmental Assessment Toxicologist George Woodall by phone at (919) 541-3906 or via email to woodall.george@epa.gov.