U.S. FDA Offers Free Webinar to Introduce FDA-iRISK® Version 2

The event, scheduled for March 11, 2015, will introduce this new version of the agency’s innovative, web-based tool for assessing or ranking risks from contaminants in the food supply.

According to information provided by the FDA, this tool’s automated features also can predict the effectiveness of various interventions, for comparison, expressed as public-health metrics. Its pre-built mathematical functions and templates enable users to accomplish the usually time- and labor-intensive process of conducting quantitative risk assessments more quickly.  FDA-iRISK  allows comparison and ranking of risk from multiple contaminants, both microbial and chemical, in multiple foods, for faster and timely food-safety decisions by regulatory and industry decision-makers.

To register for the free webinar, please visit http://jifsan.umd.edu/register/registrant/fda-irisk-2.

The webinar will highlight new features in FDA-iRISK v2.0, which will also be made available internationally at no cost.  For information on v1.0, please visit the FDA-iRISK portal on FoodRisk.org: http://foodrisk.org/exclusives/fda-irisk-a-comparative-risk-assessment-tool/. FDA-iRISK v2.0 (the tool itself) and related new documents will be available on the portal immediately following the webinar.