EPRI Seeks Experts for Advisory Committee

Electric Power Research Institute Requests Experts to Serve on an External Scientific Advisory Committee on Environmental Risk Assessment and Communication

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) announces the formation of, and solicits nominations for, an external Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on Environmental Risk Assessment and Communication. The committee’s mission is to provide guidance to EPRI’s Environment Sector on research and communication strategies related to the environmental risks associated with the electric power sector.

The committee will review EPRI research results on environmental risk and will evaluate strategies, or programs, designed to communicate risks and/or benefits. The committee will provide comment and recommendations to the Environment Sector on presenting the risk-related research findings to multiple stakeholders—the public, the industry, the scientific community, as well as scientific and regulatory agencies. The committee will also receive feedback from the sector on the relative effectiveness of risk assessment and communication activities to inform future practices.

EPRI is a 501(c)(3) independent, non-profit organization founded 40 years ago by the late Dr. Chauncey Starr with the mission to conduct research and development relating to the generation, delivery, and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. EPRI’s Environment and Renewable Energy research addresses environmental and health implications for the electric power sector including scientific questions about environmental, regulatory, and health risks associated with air emissions; energy and climate policy; land and groundwater remediation; worker and workplace safety; water use and availability; right-of-way management; and renewable energy development and grid integration.

EPRI is soliciting experts in fields from both the environmental and social sciences, particularly in the areas of risk assessment, communications, modeling and decision making, social marketing, science literacy, and other relevant sciences. Meetings will be held twice a year to review and comment on risk research within EPRI’s Environment Sector, with committee members serving a minimum of two years. 

Please direct questions regarding the EPRI SAC on Environmental Risk Assessment and Communication to Dr. Sharan Campleman, Senior Project Manager, at 650-855-2331. Individuals interested in serving on the committee, or in nominating another expert to do so, should forward a brief biography and curriculum vitae with contact information to scampleman@epri.com