SRA-NCAC Co-Hosts September 19, 2014, Workshop on Adaptive Management in the U.S. Federal Government

The SRA-National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC) co-hosted this workshop on adaptive management in governmental decision-making, a collaboration between SRA-NCAC, George Washington University Law School, the USDA Risk Forum, and the Environmental Law Institute.

Presenters J. B. Ruhl and Robin Craig discussed their recent proposal for amending the U.S. federal Administrative Procedure Act to allow some federal agencies to follow an adaptive management “track” that would allow for more flexibility (published in the January 2014 Vanderbilt Law Review), according to an informative blog post available here on the Columbia University Center for Climate Change Law website. Representatives from a number of U.S. federal agencies also provided information at the workshop about how adaptive management was already being practiced. 

For more information about the NCAC group and its activities, visit their home page here on the site.