Summary of 2015 SRA-Europe Conference

The 24rd Annual meeting was recently held in Maastricht, the Netherlands.  Photos from the meeting are available here.

Risk-based policy-making and scientific uncertainty dominate discussion at 24th annual meeting of SRA Europe

For the European science community 1992 marks an important year. It was then that the Maastricht treaty was signed, thereby establishing policy-making harmony, as we currently understand it, across the European Union.

The formation of the EU has allowed scientists in European countries to collaborate on political and economic decision-making.

The Maastricht Treaty is notable because it created the current structure of the European Union;-with pillars for Justice and Home Affairs, Common Foreign and Security Policy and the European Community. It established the EU as it exists today; including how the EU manages substantive policy areas dealing with risk.

What better place, therefore, to host the 24th annual meeting of the European chapter of the Society of Risk Analysis on bridging the gap between science and policy-making than at the University of Maastricht.

For the complete summary, click here and to view photos from the meeting, click here.