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December 13, 2016

The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) is pleased to announce the winners for best paper in Risk Analysis: An International Journal and best poster for 2016. The 2016 Best Paper award winners were selected by the Editorial staff of the Risk Analysis journal. These papers made the most significant impacts on the theory or practice of risk analysis. The poster winners were selected by judges as well as members of the society via popular vote during the conference’s annual poster session the evening prior. The awardees include:

Best Papers:

Anne Smith, PhD from NERA Economic Consulting for Inconsistencies in Risk Analyses for Ambient Air Pollutant Regulations. 2016; 36(9): 1737-1744. 

Kenneth Bogen, Dr.PH from Exponent for Linear-No-Threshold Default Assumptions for Noncancer and Nongenotoxic-Cancer Risks: A Mathematical and Biological Critique. 2016; 36(3): 589-604.

Jason Reinhardt, Xi Chen, Wenhao Liu, PhD, Petar Manchev and M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell, PhD from Stanford University for Asteroid Risk Assessment: A Probabilistic Approach. 2016; 36(2): 244-261.

Best Posters:                           

Robyn Miranda and Donald Schaffner, PhD from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey for “Data resources for the development of a quantitative microbial risk assessment for Norovirus in foodservice facilities”

Yinzhi Qu, Elisabetta Lambertini, Robert Buchanan, PhD and Abani Pradhan, PhD from the University of Maryland for “Evaluation of Salmonella survival and growth in rehydrated dry pet food”

Michele Olson, Jeannette Sutton and Sarah Vos from the University of Kentucky for “Communicating threat and efficacy through the media: An analysis of news broadcasts about the Zika virus”

Elnaz Kabir and Seth Guikema from the University of Michigan for “Comparison and validation of statistical methods for predicting the failure probability of trees”

Jenny Norrman, T. Söderqvist, Yevheniya Volchko, Lars Rosén and Frida Franzén, PhD from Chalmers University of Technology and Enveco Environmental Economics Consultancy for “Implementation of a decision support tool for sustainable remediation in practice – lessons learned”

Mark Borsuk, J. Thompson, D. Kittredge, M. Lindsay, D. Orwig and D. Foster from Dartmouth College for “The consequences of climate change-driven land-use shifts in New England forests”

M. Baucum, Heather Rosoff, and Richard John from the University of Southern California for “Reactions to terror: In the air and on the ground”

Alexander Ganin, M. Kitsak, Daniel Eisenberg, David Alderson and Igor Linkov from US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, University of Virginia, Northeastern University, Arizona State University and Naval Postgraduate School for “Persistence and stability of large-scale command and control networks”

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, PhD from Polytechnique Montréal for “FrackMap: a tool to communicate about fracking and potential environmental and public health impacts in the United States”

The award winners were announced at an awards ceremony during the SRA conference in San Diego on Dec. 13, 2016. For more information about the awards, please visit http://sra.org/best-paper-awards

Media Contact:
Melanie Preve