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Risk Analysis Specialty Groups

Risk analysis specialty groups represent a substantive or disciplinary area of interest relating to risk analysis. Members of SRA can join any specialty group, and can be members of numerous groups. Throughout the year, specialty groups host webinars, panels, meetings and other professional development events, and each group sponsors several sessions at the Annual Meeting. Each group also hosts a discussion board where members can collaborate on projects and share ideas with each other. Any individual or group may submit an application to the Council for approval for the establishment of a specialty group (contact the Specialty Groups Committee). Click here for information about resources that are available to risk analysis specialty groups. The currently established specialty groups are listed below; click on the name of the group to see its description.

Specialty Group Contact Website  
Advanced Materials and Technologies James Ede, Christie Sayes Visit our website  
Applied Risk Management Patricia Larkin Visit our website  
Decision Analysis and Risk Stuart Evenhaugen Visit our website  
Dose Response Scott Auerbach Visit our website  
Ecological Risk Assessment Mariana Goodall Cains Visit our website  
Economics and Benefits Analysis Aliya Sassi Visit our website  
Engineering and Infrastructure Sayanti Mukherjee Visit our website  
Exposure Assessment Chris Greene, Debra Kaden Visit our website  

Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis

Tony Cox

Visit our website

Justice, Equity and Risk Amina Wilkins Visit our website  
Microbial Risk Analysis Jade Mitchell Visit our website  
Occupational Health and Safety Frank Hearl Visit our website  
Resilience Analysis Sasa Jovanovic Visit our website  
Risk Communication Chris Chu Visit our website  
Risk Policy and Law Hank Smith Visit our website  
Security and Defense Jonathan Welburn Visit our website