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Security and Defense

The Security and Defense Specialty Group (SDSG) focuses on the development and application of risk science and risk analysis to security and defense. These domains present unique and challenging opportunities for the risk science community. Risk analysis for security and defense applications involves threat, vulnerability, and consequence elements often under adaptive adversarial settings. Thus, the scope of hazard events include targeted, random, and natural failures that may or may not be independent. Statistical, simulation-based, and expert-guided methods are of interest to model threat likelihood and system impacts with varying levels of data, information, and uncertainty. Emerging methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence may also be leveraged to better understand the security and defense risk landscape. Security risk perception, communication, and policy implications are critical for generating robust solutions and actionable insights.

SDSG has three objectives: first, to provide a forum for the sharing and exchange of ideas related to the unique risk and decision analysis challenges in security and defense. Second, to encourage the use of sound analytic practice in security and defense analyses; and third, to encourage and facilitate the advancement of the state-of-the-art with respect to security and defense risk analysis.