In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to recognizing SRA members who have passed. SRA commits to appreciating, upholding, and sharing the positive impacts these members have had on our risk science communities.


Roger Kasperson (1938-2021)

We regret to inform our members that Dr. Roger Kasperson, former President and dedicated member of the Society has passed away. Roger was a distinguished academic and professor at Clark University and an early pioneer of risk perception research with his work on The Social Amplification/Attenuation of Risk Framework (SARF).

Over his distinguished career he was honored by the Association of American Geographers for his research on hazards, he also served on various committees of the U.S. National Research Council (a.k.a., National Science Foundation) as well as serving as a former President of the Society for Risk Analysis where he was given the 2006 Distinguished Achievement Award. He was an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and served as executive director for the Stockholm Environment Institute 2000–2004. 


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