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Annual Meeting

Join us in Austin, Texas, for the 2024 Annual Meeting, December 8-12, 2024, at the JW Marriott Austin. The SRA Annual Meeting brings together a cross-disciplinary community of scientists from academia, industry, and government dedicated to risk science in all aspects of our connected world.

Join us for five days of leading-edge education, science, and networking with colleagues from all over the world.


Deadline is June 1st

Beyond the Horizon: Strategies for Managing Unseen Risks

Beyond the Horizon:  Strategies for Managing Unseen Risks.  

Events of the past few years—from the COVID-19 pandemic to military invasions and extreme wildfires—are continued reminders that unforeseen risks can foil even the most well-conceived plans.  Coping with unseen risks is perhaps even more important now than ever given the rapid acceleration of technological and social change that generative artificial intelligence is expected to catalyze.   Creative approaches to anticipate, react to, characterize, and communicate risks—anticipated or unanticipated—is critical to our work as risk practitioners and scholars.  We drill down to better understand, quantify, and communicate these risks with the goal of identifying actionable strategies.  This year’s annual meeting will provide opportunities to learn from others involved in managing and responding to unanticipated and known risks in a wide variety of domains.