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Students & Young Professionals

The Student and Young Professionals (SYP) Committee exists to advocate for, support, and provide academic and social networking opportunities for SYP within SRA.

The objectives of the committee are to:

  1. To promote and encourage the participation of students and young professionals in SRA and the science of risk analysis
  2. Represent the perspective and interests of students and young professionals to the SRA council and its subcommittees
  3. Support students and young professionals within SRA.


  1. The term “SYP” refers to all members of SRA who are currently students or have graduated within three years
  2. Inclusion in SYP events is free beyond the annual dues of SRA.

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  1. Any SYP member of SRA in good standing may participate in the Committee.
  2. The SYP chair represents SYP interests at SRA Council meetings as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the SRA Council.

Ways to Get Involved:

We welcome and want your feedback and ideas on SYP events and wider conferences so we can better meet the needs of all students and young professionals. Below are current SYP Initiatives:

Mentoring: The goal of the mentoring initiative is to connect students and young professionals with like-minded peers and mentors in a specific area of interest. We are pursuing this goal by creating opportunities at the annual meeting to make and nurture connections that persist past the annual meeting. We are always looking for input on how we can create new experiences or improve existing practices for mentees and mentors.

Sustainability: A focus of the sustainability initiative is to investigate, promote, and initiate strategies to reduce the environmental footprint of the Society including the journal and meetings. We started this initiative by focusing on this year’s annual meeting. Our goal is to reduce the cost and environmental burdens of our annual meeting and, at the same time, improve the quality. We encourage you to send us your ideas about ways the Society could further improve sustainability.

Workshop: How will society address the complex challenges it faces in the future? This is a question extremely pertinent to young people. How will risk analysis contribute to solving these challenges? To discuss this question, the SYP Committee will be hosting a summer workshop with the theme “Tomorrow’s perspective on today’s risk: technology, environment, and society.” More information can be found here: https://reckoningrisk.com/sra-workshop/

Join the Conversation: If you have any questions, have an idea for a new SYP initiative, or would just like to get involved with the SYP Committee, please reach out to the SYP Committee Chair or leave a comment on the SYP thread in the Forum.

2019 – 2020 SYP Committee Officers:

  • Chair: Mariana Cains, Indiana University, USA
  • Secretary: Liam Wells, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, NL
  • General Committee: Nicholas Gray, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Mentoring: Andrew Hardwick, North Carolina State University, USA and Alexa Tanner, University of British Columbia, CA
  • Sustainability: Victoria Hemming, University of British Columbia, CA and Javad Roostaei, Indiana University, USA
  • Workshop: Brennan Chapman, University of Guelph, CA; Julia Coxen, University of Michigan, USA: Burhan Mamajiwala, Shizouka University, JP; Ben Rachunok, Purdue University, USA; and Tim Williams, University of Michigan, USA
  • Past Chair: Tom Logan, University of Canterbury, NZ