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Current Officers

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2023 Council

The Officers and Councilors of the Society for Risk Analysis fulfill many duties. The names of the current members of the Council appear below. You can also find a complete list of past officers from 1981 to present in our past officers section.

Position Name Affiliation
President Felicia Wu Michigan State University
President-elect Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson (2024) North Carolina State University
Secretary Janet Yang (2025)  
Treasurer Jun Zhuang University at Buffalo
Past President Katherine von Stackelberg NEK Associates LTD
Councilor Khara Grieger North Carolina State University
Councilor Jade Mitchell (2025) Michigan State University
Councilor Laura Rickard University of Maine
Councilor Adam Zwickle Michigan State University
Councilor Rui Gaspar WHO Regional Office for Europe
Councilor Peg Coleman (2024) Coleman Scientific Consulting
Councilor Louie Rivers (2024) North Carolina State University
Councilor Douglas Bessette (2025) Michigan State University
Ex-Officio Students and Young Professionals Chair

Ben Rachunok

Stanford University
Executive Secretary

Brett Burk

Managing Director

Jill Drupa