Governance Review

The SRA Council has approved a recommendation from the Governance Committee to run a series of three votes with the membership in early 2024.  These votes are aimed at edits to our bylaws (and in some cases, Articles of Incorporation) to increase our efficiency and effectiveness as a Society.  The three votes are summarized below, and the tracked changes versions of the bylaws and articles are linked for each proposed vote.

Proposed Change 1

Revise the current Presidential term of 1 year (following 1 year as Pres-elect and followed by 1 year as the immediate Past) to a 2 year term (following 1 year as Pres-elect and followed by 1 year as the immediate Past).

Proposed Change 2

Revise the current Executive Committee and Council structure to that of a Board and Advisory Council.  The main changes being fewer voting members who meet more regularly to guide Society business (7 to 9 Board members vs. 15 Officers and Councilors), and more representation of the Society on the Council (~20 Advisory Council members vs current 9 Council members).

Proposed Change 3

Reduce the standing Committees from 16 to 9: finance, governance (includes nominations), annual meeting (includes AM workshops), awards, member engagement (includes aspects of regions and specialty groups, as well as internal communications and education), audit, students and young professionals, world congress, risk science and translation (includes external communications and education, as well as non-AM conf & workshops), and strategic planning. (Note: we are still considering strategic planning being embedded in the Board and simply an ad-hoc committee as needed). We would “sunset” Regions, Specialty Groups, Executive, Publication and Conferences and Workshops as single standing committees and instead embed those functions elsewhere.

Additional documents and presentation for your reference