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Twelve Honored by Society for Risk Analysis

Dec. 10, 2019

Today, the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) awarded six prestigious scholarly and service awards and named six new Fellows at its Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. These awards recognize 12 individuals for their outstanding contributions to the society and to the science of risk analysis. The recipients were selected by a committee of SRA past presidents and approved by the SRA Council. This year’s awardees include: 

2019 SRA Chauncey Starr Distinguished Young Analyst Award – Jun Zhuang, Ph.D., from the University at Buffalo. Given to a professional age 40 or under, Zhuang is recognized for his contributions to decision analysis in security and natural hazards.  

2019 SRA Distinguished Educator Award – Igor Linkov, Ph.D., from the U.S. Army, for his substantial contributions to the development of scientists and policymakers for global challenges.

2019 Richard J. Burk Outstanding Service Award – Pamela Williams, MS, ScD, CIH, from E Risk Sciences, for her extraordinary service to the Society

2019 SRA Outstanding Practitioner Award – Helen M. Goeden, Ph.D., from the Minnesota Department of Health, for outstanding risk analysis practice in toxicology and the safety of water supply. 

2019 SRA Distinguished Achievement Award – Rae Zimmerman, Ph.D., from New York University, for her extraordinary achievement in risk analysis pertaining to the planning and operations of infrastructure systems. 

2019 Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer – David Oryang, from the FDA-Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, for substantial contributions to statistical methods in agriculture and food safety.

2019 SRA Fellows – Selected for their substantial achievements in science or public policy relating to risk analysis and substantial service to the Society, the 2019 class of SRA Fellows includes: Joseph Arvai, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Marie-Valentine Florin, EPFL Swiss Federal School of Technology Lausanne, Mary Gulumian, MSc, Ph.D., National Institute for Occupational Health, Anna Olofsson, Ph.D., Mid Sweden University, Jacqueline Patterson, M.En., University of Cincinnati, and Katherine McComas, Ph.D., Cornell University. 

Melanie Preve