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The Society for Risk Analysis Launches African Chapter

May 6, 2019

The Society for Risk Analysis International (SRA) recently announced the launch of a new regional chapter – SRA Africa. This new regional organization brings together risk practitioners from Africa, as well as those interested in addressing the health and environmental issues facing the continent. Members of the chapter include academia, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and related stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. 

SRA Africa serves as a fundamental component of risk reduction-related capacity building in Africa. It provides career development and networking opportunities through regional meetings, seminars and conferences, and on-line learning and webinars. SRA provides numerous resources for risk analysts in a wide array of disciplines. These resources include discounted/free publications, including Risk Analysis: An International Journal, pooling of expertise to solve basic and complex health and environmental problems and assistance with educating regulators and the public on risk-related topics. SRA Africa serves the specific role of helping plan for a safer future in Africa by codifying knowledge and experience into solid future plans and by providing advocacy, policy and legislative development. 

If you are interested in joining SRA Africa, more information can be found at www.sra.org, or you may contact Jo Anne Shatkin, jashatkin@gmail.com, Mary Gulumian, mary.gulumian@nioh.nhls.ac.za, Emma Anyika, mmnk55378@gmail.com, or Salah Soliman, salah.soliman@bibalex.org.

The first meeting of SRA Africa will be held in conjunction with the Fifth World Congress on Risk, May 6-8, 2019 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. The meeting features scientific workshops and presentations focused on “Development and Resilience,” with participants from organizations, companies, academia and governments representing more than 40 countries.

Melanie Preve