HERNDON, Va., January 10, 2023 — At last month’s Annual Meeting SRA announced the addition of five new Council members and the rise of Katherine von Stackelberg, Sc.D., NEK Associates LTD, as the new President of its  2023 Council. Stackelberg succeeds Ragner Löfstedt, Ph.D., Kings College London, who has completed his term and will continue to serve on the Council as immediate past-president.    

Other officers elected include Felicia Wu, Ph.D., Michigan State University, as president-elect, and Janet Z. Yang, Ph.D., University at Buffalo, as secretary. Newly elected Council members serving SRA are Rui Gaspar, Ph.D., Catholic University of Portugal, Douglas L. Bessette, Ph.D.,and Jade B. Mitchell, Ph.D., both from Michigan State University.        

Under Stackelberg leadership, the Council and its committees are poised to continue delivering on the organization’s strategic plan that features a governance review and restructuring, SRA’s year-round thought leadership, engagement with membership and the broader society, and a renewed focus on the importance of risk science in policy and decision-making, and science in general.   

Council members who will continue to serve:  Sandra Alday, Ph.D., The University of Sydney, James Hammitt, Ph.D., Harvard University; Roshanak Nateghi, Ph.D., Purdue University, Margret “Peg” Coleman, Coleman Scientific Counseling, Louie Rivers, Ph.D., North Carolina State University and, Marja Ylonen, Ph.D., University of Stavanger.  


About SRA   

The Society for Risk Analysis is a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, scholarly, international society that provides an open forum for all those interested in risk analysis. SRA was established in 1980. Since 1981, it has continuously published Risk Analysis: An International Journal, the leading scholarly journal in the field. For more information, visit